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Antique Brass Postal Knocker

Antique Brass Postal Knocker

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Antique Brass Postal Knocker

An antique brass postal knocker (this is a letterbox combined with a knocker), perfect for any vintage front door.

This CR 1643-8” Postal Knocker is an 8” version of the larger CR 1643 Postal Knocker and is displayed in the photo in “Antique Brass”. This is a beautiful finish, full of character, to suit any period property or vintage décor.

Antique brass is what we call a “living” finish and designed so that with normal handling, they will develop over time to reveal the metal below, creating a stunning aged effect.

These postal knockers are available in over twenty finishes and metals and are British made, cast brass items, with each piece individually finished by hand.

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Small Postal Knocker

Small Postal Knocker (BI1643-8")

8" Postal Knocker
Handcrafted in UK

From £142.44 excl. VAT

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