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Brass Door Pull

Brass Door Pull

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Brass Door Pull

The CR 6344 Rounded Centre Door Knob (door pull) from British Ironmongery.

Shown here in polished brass; we would recommend “unlacquered” polished brass on all external furniture.
This is because lacquered items can’t be polished (the lacquer obviously forms a barrier between the polish and the metal) and over time the lacquer will break down when open to the elements. This is what causes the unsightly look often seen on cheaper, imported items.

Unlacquered brass will obviously oxidise and discolour very quickly (these items are solid, cast brass) as it has no lacquered protection, but can be polished back up to its original look with a good quality brass polish.

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Rounded Centre Door Knob

Rounded Centre Door Knob (BI6344)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

From £114.85 excl. VAT

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