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Clear Frosted Glass Door Knob

Clear Frosted Glass Door Knob

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Clear Frosted Glass Door Knob

A beautiful clear, frosted glass door knob mounted on an antique brass rose.

The glass door knob in the photo is the MG FR-CL Clear Frosted Glass Door Knob. These door knobs are mounted on a covered rose (no visible screws).

Designed and made for customers wanting something very special - combining elegance with functionality - these solid glass door knobs are timeless pieces, individually handmade to the highest standard in Cornwall, UK and traditional in shape.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, the glass on these knobs isn’t just glued into position but is “swaged” in position – this is where the metalwork is rolled over the glass, ensuring its durability - and they come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

These beautiful frosted glass door knobs are available in a range of styles. To view the complete collection of Frosted Glass Door Knobs, please click here…

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Clear Frosted Smooth Glass Door Knob

Clear Frosted Smooth Glass Door Knob (MG FR-CL)

Handcrafted in UK
Lifetime Guarantee

From £258.70 excl. VAT

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