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Door Knobs on Schoolboard Plate

Antique Brass Door Knobs on Schoolboard Backplate

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Door Knobs on Schoolboard Plate

Antique brass door knobs on a schoolboard plate.

Shown here are the CR 1790 Ball Knobs on Schoolboard Backplate. These Schoolboard plates are a flat plate, with rounded corners and the knob mounted in the centre.

Both the round ball knob and “schoolboard” backplate, are a traditional Victorian design. By changing the finishes on these, they can suit either a traditional Victorian property or add vintage style to modern décor.

The door knobs in the photo are shown in antique brass and are also available in over twenty finishes and metals, including real, sand cast bronze.

Antique brass door knobs are a "living" finish – this means that these are traditionally cast brass, with an antique brass finish applied to the brass; the antiue patina is designed so that with normal handling the raised areas wear to reveal the metal underneath, creating a naturally aged appearance not shown on cheaper alternatives.

Each one is made in the UK and individually finished by hand.

Ball Knobs are available to purchase mounted on a variety of backplates and roses; to view the complete range of Ball Knobs, please click here…

To view the complete range of Door Knobs on Backplates available, please click here…

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Ball Door Knob on Schoolboard Backplate

Ball Door Knob on Schoolboard Backplate (BI1790)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

From £126.92 excl. VAT

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