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Old and New Window Furniture

Old & New Window Furniture

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Old and New Window Furniture

In this photo are satin chrome (modern) and oil rubbed bronze (vintage) casement window furniture. If having an modern extension to a period home, it's often a good idea to follow the same style of window furniture, but contrast from a period finish (such as this oil rubbed bronze) to a more contemporary finish, such as the satin chrome.

Satin chrome is a softer finish than polished chrome and will therfore be more forgiving when contasting against a dark finish, such as theis oil rubbed bronze.

This photo is a close-up of the detailing on a satin chrome CR 6394 Sliding Casement Stay and also an oil rubbed bronze CR 1850 French Door Fastener.

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Sliding Casement Stay for Inward Opening Windows

Sliding Casement Stay for Inward Opening Windows (BI6394)

Available in 10" and 12"
Handcrafted in UK

From £108.96 excl. VAT

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French Window Fastener

French Window Fastener (BI1850)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

From £106.46 excl. VAT

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