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Pearl Nickel Door Knocker

Pearl Nickel Door Knocker

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Pearl Nickel Door Knocker

A lovely “Urn” style pearl nickel door knocker.

The knocker in the photo is the CR 1771 Adam Door Knocker. Although this is certainly not a lightweight knocker, it’s also not as heavy or large as the Lion Head or Doctor’s Knockers.

The knocker in the photo is shown in pearl nickel (this is a matt nickel plate, applied to the cast brass and hand-finished to this “soft” looking effect, with a hint of pearl) but is also available in many different finishes and metals (including real sandcast bronze), making them perfect for recreating an accurate historical look for a refurbishment, or for adding vintage style to contemporary décor.

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Adam Door Knocker

Adam Door Knocker (BI1771)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

From £115.62 excl. VAT

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