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Real Bronze Door Knobs

Real Bronze Door Knobs,Bronze Door Knob

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Real Bronze Door Knobs

Real bronze door knobs, in a traditional octagonal style.

These door knobs are the CR 1751-M Octagonal Door Knobs.

Traditional octagonal door knobs will suit any period home and are equally suited to Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian décor. The octagnonal shape of these door knobs is a traditional style and a little grander in appearance than round or ball knobs.

This door knob in the photo is shown in the “Real Bronze Metal Antique” finish. This isn’t a bronze “finish” applied to brass, but is real, traditionally sandcast bronze, which is British made, with each one individually finished by hand.

These bronze door knobs are available in three types of real bronze – Real Antique Bronze (as seen in the photo), Tudor Bronze and Polished Bronze (gunmetal).

The “real antique bronze” shown in the photo, is sandcast bronze, which is aged prematurely in a kiln and then polished by hand. This gives a beautiful patinated finish and also brings out the rainbow colours often seen in bronze.

Polished bronze is (as the name suggests!) sandcast bronze, which is polished up to a very high sheen. Rather than the brown patinated colour of antique bronze, polished bronze (often known as gunmetal) is a “coppery” colour, with a hint of pink.

Tudor bronze is also real sandcast bronze. The bronze is barrell-rolled to give a slightly pitted effect, making this finish more rustic in appearance.

These bronze door knockers are also available in cast brass and many other plated and applied finishes.
These are part of the Octagonal Door Knob Suite, which includes mortice door knobs, rim door knobs and matching centre door knobs (door pulls); to view this suit, please click here…

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Octagonal Door Knob

Octagonal Door Knob (BI1751-M)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

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