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Victorian Butlers Bell

Victorian Butlers Bells

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Victorian Butlers Bell

A fantastic traditional Victorian Butlers Bell, with a flower design, in the aged brass finish.

These MDS BPIN Butlers Bells are doorbells which work off a pulley system.
These butler’s bells were traditionally used in Victorian homes before the invention of electric doorbells and a must for any vintage home. They work in conjunction with a bell pull fitted outside the front door, which rings this butler’s bell when pulled.

Unlike most of the items we sell, these beautiful butlers bells aren’t British made, but are fantastic quality items, available in either aged brass or nickel and mounted on a wooden plinth.

We sell two styles of Butler’s Bells – one with a “Flower” design and one with a “Lady” design. To view both styles of these Victorian Butlers Bells please click here…

To view the complete range of Door Bells available (including matching butler’s bells, pulleys, bell pulls etc) please click here…

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Butler's Bell with Flower

Butler's Bell with Flower (MDS BPIN Flower)

Period Internal Bell
Handcrafted in Europe

From £157.04 excl. VAT

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