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Victorian Door Knob

Victorian Door Knobs

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Victorian Door Knob

A CR 6346 Large Victorian Door Knob in aged brass.
These vintage door knobs are popular in Victorian and Edwardian homes. They are available in two sizes - the knob in the photo is the larger version.

Available in over twenty metals and finishes (including real bronze), the door knob in this photo is shown in aged brass, a finish which definitely lends itself to Victorian décor.

The aged brass finish is what we call a “living” finish. This is a “two-tone” finish, with the base metal (brass) coloured, with a further a further aged finish applied over this. With use, the raised edges on the second aged finish will wear away, revealing the metal below and giving a naturally aged appearance.

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Large Reeded Ball Door Knob

Large Reeded Ball Door Knob (BI6346-L)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

From £195.70 excl. VAT

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