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Victorian Door Knobs

Victorian Door Knobs

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Victorian Door Knobs

Two very different styles of high-quality Victorian door knobs.

On the left-hand side is an MDS WDBE Beehive Ebony Door Knob. These wooden door knobs are made of ebony and mounted here on an aged brass rose. Although not actually British made, these wooden door knobs are made in Europe and very good quality.

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On the right-hand side is a CR 1751-M Octagonal Door Knob in a traditional polished brass finish. These Victorian style door knobs are British made, solid, cast brass and individually finished by hand.

These Victorian door knobs will actually suit any period home and are equally suited to Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian décor.

The octagonal door knobs are available as mortice and rim knobs, and also have matching "Centre Door Knobs" (Door Pulls).

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Octagonal Door Knob

Octagonal Door Knob (BI1751-M)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK

From £169.45 excl. VAT

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Ebony Beehive Mortice Knob

Ebony Beehive Mortice Knob (MDS WDBE)

Reeded Wooden Door Knob
Handcrafted in Europe

From £123.80 excl. VAT

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