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Victorian Letterplate with Handle

Victorian Letterplate with Handle - Satin Nickel

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Victorian Letterplate with Handle

This beautiful satin nickel Victorian letterplate has a handle attached to help pull your door closed and the word “LETTERS” engraved on the flap.

This CR 6358 Engraved Letterplate with Handle is a classic Victorian style, but by altering the finish, will suit virtually any other style of décor too. Shown in the photo in “Satin Nickel” this Victorian letterplate is also available in a range of other finishes and metals; choose from aged finishes such as antique nickel, aged brass or antique brass for vintage décor, or a more contemporary plate, such as polished nickel or chrome to give a modern twist to a traditional letterplate. These letterplates are also available in real, sandcast bronze and over twenty other finishes.

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Engraved Letterplate with Handle

Engraved Letterplate with Handle (BI6358)

12" Letterplate
Handcrafted in UK

From £369.42 excl. VAT

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