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Victorian Letterplate

Victorian Letterplate - Antique Brass

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Victorian Letterplate

A beautiful and decorative Victorian Letterplate in an antique brass finish.

We sell many styles of letterplate in various sizes. The letterplate in the photo is the BRA 613 Constable Letterplate. This is a beautiful, cast brass letterplate, with a decorative edge, typical of the style often seen in the Victorian period.

Shown here in antique brass, this letterbox is also available in a large range of other high-quality finishes. Each letterplate is traditionally cast in the UK, individually finished by hand and can recreate an accurate historical scene in a building of importance, whilst also putting that perfect finishing touch to an area of new interior design.

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Constable Letter Box

Constable Letter Box (BRA 613)

12" Letterplate
Handcrafted in UK

From £291.22 excl. VAT

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