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Vintage Door Handles

Vintage Door Handles, Vintage Door Furniture

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Vintage Door Handles

These vintage door handles are shown in the distressed antique brass finish. We sell handles in a range of over twenty-five other finishes, including period finishes (like this distressed antique brass) and also more contemporary finishes, such as polished chrome and nickel.

We also sell a selection of real, sandcast bronze door handles.

Like standard antique brass, the distressed antique brass shown in this photo is a "living" finish – designed so that with normal handling the raised areas wear to reveal the metal underneath, creating a naturally aged appearance not shown on cheaper alternatives. They differ from the standard antique brass as they are also barrel-rolled, to give a pitted effect to the metal and therefore a more rustic feel and appearance.

To view the complete range of Vintage Door Handles (on a choice of backplates and roses), please click here…

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Edgbaston 1920's Door Handle

Edgbaston 1920's Door Handle (BI7030)

Brass, Chrome, Nickel and Bronze
Handcrafted in UK


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